Electrician vs Electronic technician – What’s the difference?

What is the difference between an electrician and an electronic technician? Have you ever wondered?

In terms of theoretical education and training, the two professions are very similar. Their field of expertise, however, is quite different.

Repairman Replacing Air Conditioning Unit ComponentAn electrician, or electrical contractor, is skilled in wiring, designing and fixing problems for commercial and residential customers alike. Such a contractor can provide various services, ranging from installation of electrical systems in new homes, to maintenance and repairs. The electrician, is the man to call for any electrical problems at home, or in your business.

Unlike the electrician, an electronic technician, deals with fine electronic equipment. They deal with high tech repairs and bench testing equipment. That’s what they are known for. Electronic technicians are the people to visit, when your electronics start failing. They repair fine electronic machines like televisions, computers, laptops, stereo and other sound systems, office equipment and so on. Different technicians are good for different purposes. That’s because they specialize in different areas of expertise – medical equipment, sound systems, visual systems, computers and many others.

The scientific principles behind both professions are the same. They both use the same laws and formulas for working with electricity. That is probably the only similarity between the two. The application of that knowledge, however, is not the same.

The difference is, that an electrician has to learn about residential and commercial standards, wiring and regulations. Electronic technicians, on the other hand, learn more about circuits, fundamentals of AC and DC, along with various electronic components and their functions. They also deal with consumer, industrial, medical and other electronics.

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